Toronto Queer Zine Fair


savethedatetqzf2014edit2Toronto Queer Zine Fair is happening Saturday, October 4th!

Toronto Queer Zine Fair seeks to make space for traditionally marginalized voices in the zine community. While accepting applications from all self-identified queer/trans* folks, TQZF chooses to prioritize the voices of trans women, trans women of colour, queer people of colour, indigenous/two-spirited folks, and non-binary folks. Toronto Queer Zine Fair is an alternative zine fair focusing on the radical and political history/philosophy of zines and giving a platform to those often under-represented in zine culture.

Toronto Queer Zine Fair is a direct response to the lack of accessibility, queer & trans*  visibility, and focus on zines represented in the “zinefests” organized annually in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

You might remember that TQZF visited Hamilton on their Winter Survival Tour

If you would like to table at TQZF here’s the application.


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