Listening to Disclosures Workshop – Useful Links


We’ve been busy the last couple of weeks facilitating workshops for helping professionals about how to listen to someone’s first disclosure of sexual assault.

There were amazing discussions about the myths and lies we’re taught about violence, victim blaming, survivor-focused support skills, offering empowering options, and resources in our community.

Each group and each discussion is different, but this is a collection of resources, links and things that came up in discussion that were shared in the last month of workshops:

  • The femifesto collective created a great toolkit on how to report on sexual assault.  It also has a great intersectional explanation of rape culture and the framework of sexual assault in Canada starting at page seven.


  • Survivor’s hear too often that their assault was caused by what they were wearing instead of focusing on the perpetrators actions and behaviour.  Rape Crisis Scotland created an absolutely amazing rebuttal to the clothing myth:
  • It’s really important to learn and debunk the myths and lies that we’ve been taught about sexual assault.


  • Dr. Rebecca Campbell’s presentation on the neurobiology of sexual assault.  Lots of good stuff in this hour-long webinar – what is secondary victimization, how are traumatic memories stored, really great explanation of the freeze response, and more.

HSS SIU Jan 14, 2014 from Campbell Presentation 2

  • Alcohol is the most used date rape drug, but a lot of folks put emphasis on survivors’ drinking and not perpetrators behaviour.  Great article from NPR that talks about alcohol facilitated sexual assault being a targeted behaviour and not ‘miscommunication’.
  • Most men will never perpetrate sexual assault.  Creator of the Mentors in Violence Prevention program, Jackson Katz, talks about how violence against women is a men’s issue.



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