No One Asks For It!


Today SACHA is joining folks across Canada in wearing purple to remind folks that no ever asks to be sexually assaulted.IMG_0416 We’re wearing purple because sexual violence is still an issue in our community.  One in three women and one in six men will experience sexual assault.

Victim blaming silences survivors of sexual violence which means that

… survivors suffer the impact of the violence alone…
… survivors are re-victimized by the blaming – of them or of others…
… long term pain that sometimes could have been reduced with support…
… more health impacts, family problems etc.  that could have been avoided or reduced…
… fewer incidents reported so we as a society don’t get a true picture of the scope of the problem…
… also means that offenders can continue with relative impunity…
… which means that as a society we are not taking it on to end it…

Victim blaming buys into a lot of rape myths.  It keeps us from having real honest conversations about why sexual assault actually happens. Being confused about why the violence happens means that we’re not able to take action to effectively end violence.

We want to take action.

We want to end violence.

We want to end victim blaming.

Make sure to take a photo of you wearing purple and share it on social media along with why you are wearing purple today.

May is Sexual Violence Awareness Month. 


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