Hamilton Regional Indian Centre Looking for Participants in Art Project


How do you self-identify? And, what does being (Aboriginal, Native, Indian, First Nations, Metis…) mean to you?

This is a community art project to produce an exhibition of photographs of urban Aboriginals in Hamilton. The images will be comprised of the participants and household members in or around their home settings that may (or may not) contain visual links to their cultural heritage.  We expect to photograph a range of people and places from the community. Participants will determine how they wish to represent themselves.  Responses to the above questions will be presented with the exhibition photos and in the accompanying publication.

A photo-basics workshop by project photographer Mina Ao will be offered to encourage participants to also submit their own photographs associated with the project theme. These will be part of the exhibition.

What’s this project about?

In collaboration with the Aboriginal community in Hamilton, we will complete this community project that aims to help develop interaction and understanding between urban Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal persons and communities.  The project creates a platform for the Aboriginal community to voice their identity — through art!

We will be working on this project all year.  Our project partner is the Hamilton Region Indian Centre. We are asking for your input, participation and assistance to make this work.

Please contact:

Bryce Kanbara, artist/owner you me gallery, 330 James St. N. Hamilton – (905) 523-7754, bkanbara@gmail.com

Mina Ao, photographer, mina.ao@gmail.com


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