More Hamiltonians Speak Out About Derek Mellor


On Monday, February 15th Sgt. Derek Mellor plead guilty to several charges of sexual misconduct.

Many Hamiltonians have spoken out against his abuse of his authority.

From Susan Clairmont’s February 26th Hamilton Spectator column:

The damage he has done to those women, and to our city as a whole, is vast and deep.

He has revictimized his victims. He has possibly sent some of them back into the life he was duty-bound to help them escape. He has created a chill that may prevent other women from seeking the help of police. He has jeopardized the outcome of every ongoing case he has been involved with. He has torpedoed the local effort to combat human trafficking, a very real and dangerous issue. And he has damaged the reputation of his service, tainting every good, clean cop by association.

From Howard Elliot’s opinion piece in February 27th Hamilton Spectator:

On at least two occasions, the police act hearing was told, women complained to Mellor’s colleague. Instead of taking any official action, Detective Constable David Hartless took the informal action of speaking to Mellor and doing nothing else. How could that be acceptable police procedure? How was it that Mellor was a lone male officer working on a project dealing with vulnerable women involved in the sex trade and human trafficking? Why weren’t senior police officials made aware of the complaints earlier?

The decision on whether Mellor will keep his job will be made by the hearing officer at sentencing. If there is any justice, the officer will rule against Mellor and he will never disgrace a police badge again.

From Deborah James’ February 28th letter to the editor in the Hamilton Spectator:

So we have an officer of the law who took an oath to serve and protect our citizens. Not only that, but he appointed a task force for our most vulnerable women and then had sexual relations with some of them, and he has the nerve to ask to keep his badge? The most horrible part of this story is that his wishes will most likely come true.

Derek Mellor’s sentencing hearing will be on Thursday, April 24th at 10am at the Hamilton Police Station on King William Street in Hamilton.

A Hamilton community member has created a petition asking for Mellor’s dismissal from the police force.


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