Sgt. Derek Mellor Pleads Guilty to Sexual Misconduct Charges


Yesterday at a hearing at Hamilton Police Services Derek Mellor plead guilty to many charges of sexual misconduct.

At the hearing through a statement of fact more details about the inappropriate sexual behaviour with witnesses or victims in human trafficking investigations were described:

Mellor admitted to undertaking a sexual relationship with the mother of a woman whose human trafficking case he was working on. He admitted to engaging in sexual activity with her on the side of a rural road, sending her pictures of his penis and a three-second video of him masturbating.

Over that period of time, the woman sent Mellor a number of photos of her in lingerie, and her profile from a website that advertises discreet relationships between married couples.

Mellor also pleaded guilty to sending sexual photos and texts to two women who worked with the human trafficking volunteer organization “Walk With Me.” In both cases, he obtained their contacts through working together and at social gatherings and fundraisers for sex workers. The messages started as flirtatious before escalating to blatantly sexual, according to police act documents.

There are more details in the CBC Hamilton article.

There will be a hearing at Hamilton Police on King William Street on Monday, April 24 at 10am which Mellor will be sentenced.

A Hamilton community member has created a petition asking for Mellor dismissal from Hamilton Police.


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