SACHA Broadcast — Feminist Links and Hijinks No. 28


A whole bunch of feminist links this week!

It was Audre Lorde’s birthday last week.  Find out more about her all round general awesomeness here.

audre lorde————————–

Great opinion piece in Tuesday’s Hamilton Spectator about the myths of the ‘bogus’ refugee claimants in Canada:

Myth: All failed refugees are fraudsters looking to cheat our system.

Reality: Claims for refugee status fail for many reasons. Sometimes claims are made on the basis of real suffering that simply does not meet the strict definition for refugee status. Additionally, the new shortened timelines of the refugee claims process make it challenging for many to make a substantiated claim.

Despite a failed claim, some refugee claimants will not be removed from Canada if an officer decides there is still a risk of persecution. This demonstrates Canada’s acknowledgment that a ‘failed’ claim is not always the last word. While there are some who will be returned to their countries of origin, labelling all claimants as ‘bogus’ or fraudulent criminalizes those who are innocent in their journey to seek protection.


Photo by Khristina

Photo by Khristina

Two years ago Montreal ‘zinester Amber Dearest wrote a blog post about folks who are not cis white guys daring to take up space at the front of a punk show and how it lead to them being banned from that space:

Tall dude tried to talk to me. He said, “This is a punk show, not a war.” Funny that – when we take up space, it is seen as a declaration of war, yet when men do the exact same thing, it’s just a punk show.

Just this week Amber went to a friend’s show at the same space and read her blog post from two years ago.  I highly suggest you read the entire post:

I had the mic and was louder than everyone else, and my friends kept cheering me on. I was reading with a huge smile on my face, and being continuously heckled by only three people.


wawg_logo_webPrimaryThe Woman Abuse Working Group is a coalition of over twenty agencies in Hamilton working to end gender based violence.  WAWG just launched a new website on Friday and you should check it out!

— compiled by erin


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