SACHA Broadcast – Feminist Links & Hijinks No. 27


Links, news and videos curated and collected carefully from the internets.

Ear plugs, pens, tea, tissues… These are all products that absolutely need to be gendered, right? (Via

Bonus! Riley taking down companies that market gendered products:


Need a head start on how to ask for consent?  Here’s sixteen ways to talk about consent. (Via Sixteen Secrets):

4. “How does this feel?”
5. “Do you want me to…?”
6. “Do you want to…?”
7. “Is there anything you want to try?”


University of Waterloo student, Amulya Sanagavarapu, is kickstarting some consent themed underwear:consent-panties(Via Thinkprogress)


Former SACHA staff Pauline Kajura on working in feminist agencies and ‘using your power for good’!

Kajiura praises the women at SACHA and their commitment to ending violence against women.

“I am grateful for that amazing experience of applying feminist theory to real life issues. It was difficult but rewarding.”

(Via Illuminessence)


— compiled by erin


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