SACHA Archives


Recently with painting SACHA, staff women have been cleaning their offices and finding awesome pieces of SACHA herstory.

alert0002 alert0003We’re guessing that these flyers are from around 1989 and what amazes me about them is how similar our objectives still are.  Some of the language we use might be a touch different, but SACHA still provides support to survivors of sexual assault and works to end violence.

Do you have any pieces of SACHA herstory in your basement or closets?

— erin


3 thoughts on “SACHA Archives

  1. One question. How affective can your anti-rape stuff be if 18 years later you are still fighting the same fights? Has feminism not managed to change much in 18 years of fighting or has a lot changed but feminists fail to adjust to these changes?

    • I get this question a lot from activists in the anti-violence movement who are working to make their communities safer places and can quite often feel bogged down by the hatred and continuous barrage of sexism and victim blaming that still exists.

      A lot has changed and we still have a lot of work to do…

      Two examples:
      In Canada we had an awful rape law that didn’t protect many survivors, men who have been sexually assaulted and women in marriage until it was replaced by a sexual assault law in 1984. We still have a lot of work to make the entire legal system safer for survivors.

      At the time of the first Take Back the Night in 1981, they wouldn’t print the word ‘rape’ in the paper ( and now we have a much more fulsome cultural conversation of rape, sexual assault and victim blaming but we still have a lot of work to do to confront rape myths and victim blaming.

      What changes have other folks seen because of work that the anti-violence movement and feminism has accomplished?

      — erin

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