More Great Conversations at Westdale Secondary School


I returned to Westdale today to facilitate workshops with two more classes of grade nine girls.  (Check out the links, videos and articles that came up in discussions with yesterday’s classes…)

Today students were asking great insightful questions and making comments about sexual assault law, rape prevention tips, victim blaming and consent.

Lots and lots and lots of awesome questions asked, here are the questions and discussions that I promised to follow up with links, articles and videos:

  • One student asked “Why are rape prevention tips just for young women?  Why aren’t we talking to guys to?”.  We talked about how a lot of rape prevention tips for women are victim blaming.
  • We talked about Robin Thicke’s song ‘Blurred Lines’ and about awesome parodies of the song.
  • A student brought up the open letter about how to talk to young men about Robin Thicke.
  • Another student asked for interesting creative ways to ask for consent.  There’s lots of information and examples of how to ask for consent on
  • The age of consent in Canadian Law was bought up.
  • A question was asked about the misconceptions of feminism (Aren’t feminist just power hungry?  Don’t all feminists hate men?).  Gender focus has an awesome video series that debunks a lot of the myths about feminism:

I also promised to create SACHA’s Test for consent in movies, which would be an awful lot like the Bechdel Test, but would help folks to determine if movie characters are getting  consent before they get it on.  Would anyone like to help me with that?

I am absolutely amazed at what great conversationalist and discussions we have every time I visit high schools.  If you would like to invite SACHA to come speak at your school, community group or workplace please contact me.

— erin –


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