SACHA Gets a Fresh Look


On Thursday staff from Home Depot Ancaster will be giving SACHA a new coat of paint!

We have been working this year to make our space more lovely and welcoming to survivors.  We make decisions about how to spend money really really carefully and most of the time money goes towards programs and services that directly support survivors.

But as Lenore describes in this blog post, “We believe survivors of violence need a safe, welcoming and not gross space to come for counselling and support.  It was time to act.”

Survivors who come to SACHA deserve a beautiful warm space to meet with a counsellor.

We are very thankful for the donation of paint from Behr and Team Home Depot from Ancaster and for their time and painting skills of the workers will be committing to make SACHA space more beautiful.

Painting SACHA’s space is a pretty big job which will be split into three visits.  This Thursday the sewing circle room, group room, waiting room, public education office and main hallway will get a new coat of paint.

Here’s some photos of what these spaces look like now.  Check back soon for some updates of what the rooms look like with their new paint jobs!


SACHA’s waiting room

SACHA's main hallway

SACHA’s main hallway


SACHA’s kitchen


SACHA’s group room


SACHA’s group room


SACHA’s group room

The women at Sewing Circle have already prepared the room for painting!


SACHA’s group room


SACHA’s sewing room


SACHA’s public education office

If you would like to help SACHA in supporting survivors and working to end violence please become a monthly donor.


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