SACHA Broadcast: Feminist Links & Hijinks No. 17


So much feminist internets this week!

Can You Relate posted an awesome article about why raising the minimum wage would support women leaving violent relationships:

When you support a $15 minimum wage, you are also helping women and children live violence-free lives. People are always telling women who are in abusive relationships to leave—don’t stay for money, leave because your life will improve and you will be a better parent. But that’s not true if you walk out the door into homelessness. So they tell them: go get a job, find an apartment, find childcare, get new credit cards, open another bank account. Oh, your partner trashed your credit? You must not be trying hard enough.


In Kenya, 160 girls brought a case to court for the police ignoring their rapes.

This triumphant case of “160 Girls” is ground breaking for girls in Kenya and internationally. Devastatingly, however, the police continue to be dismissive of complaints.


Have you ever thought about if you are running on Middle Class Standard Time?

MST often results in rushed, over-packed workshops, conferences and meetings that leave participants little breathing room to digest concepts, to say nothing of social time. People who consciously operate on MST privilege their agenda (written or unwritten) over the wellbeing of the group. I believe most of this can be chocked-up to the influence of professional middle class meeting culture.


Halloween was last week and these young women speak the truth about the difficulties of choosing a Halloween costume:

“I’d much rather be a women, and if it means that I’m a monster, then happy Halloween.”


— compiled by erin




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