SACHA Broadcast — Feminist Links & Hijinks No. 12


Hey there TBTN-curious wanders. I’ve scavenged up a hearty handful of feminist resources for you weekly dose of goodness, and seasoned it mildy with a few not-quite-feminist-per-se spices, for a bit of flavour 😉

If you’re anywhere near as voyeuristic as me, or if you’re interested in what i’ve heard some humans refer to as ‘sexology’, you will likely get a real kick out of‘s recent, wonderful piece about various individuals’ ‘first times’:


one in three women worldwide has experienced some type of intimate partner violence, prompting the World Heath Organization to declare it an “epidemic” global health problem.

— What We Can Learn From The Largest International Study
On Rape That’s Been Conducted So Far



“I want to redefine beauty and goals for young women, …It’s about breaking down stereotypes, fighting against oppression, trying to save the world.”

—  Janelle Monáe, in Rolling Stone, via



— Compiled by Amelia


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