SACHA Broadcast — Feminist Links & Hijinks No. 13


In an effort to keep things brief, colourful, and interesting, I’m gonna stick with the shorter Broadcast format! How d’ya like them apples? Here are five assorted pieces for your perusing pleasure. Apply your brand of feminism to them how you see fit!

…for those of us who do want to be respectful of boundaries but are unsure of how to approach someone, here are some things to keep in mind…
1. Read Her Body Language
2. Listen To What She Says
3. Do Not Stare Or Follow – It’s Scary!
4. Don’t Assume She’ll…

Click Here to read on!

A wee bit from The Onion, because we all like some humorous satire to laugh at, especially when we can directly relate:

MILWAUKEE—Describing his mind as both “a blessing and a curse,” local man Benjamin Walker, 27, told reporters Thursday that his intellect was probably just too intimidating for most women to engage with romantically.

 — Area Man’s Intelligence Probably Just Too Intimidating For Most Women (via TheOnion)


Frances Perkins mug

Frances Perkins mug

Got 10% off my two-year subscription to BitchMag, and they sent this Fabulous Mug!! Check it out — it’s Frances Perkins! She was was the U.S. Secretary of Labour from 1933 to 1945. Immediately after I made my purchase, Bitch began offering a whopping 20% off orders!! WHat?! Seriously, check them out. Fun, colourful, empowered, and hilarious — you can’t get it much better than that.


The Cosby Show

According a HuffPost, while your environment and genetics take up a bit more than half, 40% of the happiness in your life is entirely up to you. Wanna know how exuberant humans of the world cultivate happiness for themselves? I sure the hell do!

Click here to see a list I am here going to call 21 Ways of Cultivating Happiness.


Ever wondered what it looks like when SACHA does a workshop? Here’s a list of topics for discussion expressed during SACHA’s Sept. 19th Social Inc. workshop at Mohawk College here in Hamilton:

  • consent
  • myths about sexual assault
  • ways to help and support survivors
  • is our activist making a difference?  how do we see social change?
  • wanting to learn more about the issue of rape and sexual violence
  • effective ways to take action
  • tactics that women use when being pressured for sex or being hit on by aggressive men

Learn more about what these workshops can look like by following this link!

— Compiled by Amelia


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