Mad Students Society TBTN Solidarity Event


Mad Students Society, a peer support group for students with mental health disabilities/experiences, welcomes new members to a confidential conversation on alternatives to medical model perspectives on madness. Come chat with other Mad students about language and identity, school accommodations, your legal rights, discrimination, Mad Pride, World Hearing Voices Day (September 14), consumer/survivor/Mad community and culture, activism, self-help, and other non-mainstream approaches to wellness, recovery, craziness, and neurodiversity.

One alternative perspective to the medical model is to talk about systemic issues like violence and how to stop it through activism. As Hamilton’s Take Back The Night rally and march falls on September 12, at this peer support meeting we will also be talking about all forms of gendered and sexualized violence that impact people of all genders as well as other forms of violence experienced by Mad people (poverty, psychiatry, police, assault, discrimination).

When: Tuesday, September 10 from 4:30-6:30pm
Where: McMaster University. Email for the confidential location.
Who: Students from any college, university, or adult education course/program (and people planning to return to school) with personal experiences of psychiatric systems, madness, mental illness, mental health disability, emotional or spiritual distress, etc.

For more info on MSS, check out


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