SACHA Broadcast — Feminist Links & Hijinks No. 9


This week we have all sorts of links and fun from around the feminist internets!

  • Miley Cyrus was getting a lot of attention last week, but what about how to talk to your son about Robin Thicke?

    Issues of misogynistic attitudes and acts of violence toward women aren’t going anywhere until us men make some very intentional decisions about our behavior and about the way we act toward women. There are certain things that Robin Thicke and “Blurred Lines” re-inforce in our culture.

  • Speaking of Robin Thicke…  Two awesome feminists in Halifax made a response to Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines”.  (Pssst….  There’s some swears, sexy dancing and sex toys present in the video!)

    And that’s why you need to ask first
    No way to know I want it
    No way to know I want it
    Unless I say I want it
    Ask first
    Consent is sexy
    Shows you respect me
    I’ll tell you what I need

  • Can You Relate talks about over 150 women in California jails being coerced or convinced to have sterilizations

  • One of the SlutWalk Melbourne organizers posted this awesome photo:
    Slut Walk Melbourne pic
  • Some survivors in the United States have been using the Clery Act and Title IX in really interesting ways.
    Clery Act

— Compiled by erin.



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