SACHA Broadcast — Feminist Links & Hijinks No. 8


Hey there SACHA pals, check out this week’s great big broadcast:

My friend Tings invited me up to TO last week for this event. Though I couldn’t make it, I later read this and felt moved by her efforts and the work she and her friends have put into these sorts of actions and outcry’s:

Dozens of volunteers in a makeshift ship take over Yonge Street in Toronto.

Human Art Installation Critiques Race and Immigration in Canada

Volunteers staged a “mass arrival” of white-skinned settlers to challenge Canada’s legacy of colonialism.

“This action made me think about the process of colonialism and genocide,” said volunteer Meagan Gohnston. She believes the legacy of European settlement and the brutal treatment of Native people at the hands of colonialists still shapes Canadians’ views on immigration. “How come one group is seen to have a legitimate claim to this land, but others don’t?”


Academy-aware winner Tilda Swinton recently shared her opinions about Russia’s anti-gay legislations as seen in this photo:

“…Swinton could face a jail sentence of 15 days and deportation for simply posing with a rainbow flag in public according to the new law.”

The newly adopted antigay legislation also states any individual using mass media or the Internet to share information about LGBT identities can be subject to fines up to 100,000 rubles ($3,050 USD), while officials are subject to fines twice that amount, and legal entities face a 1 million ruble fine or 90-day suspension for discussing LGBT people.


If you’ve noticed the wicked upsurge of Men’s Rights Activist groups (MRA’s) and felt as disgusted and disheartened as I have, you might like this little article. Here’s a quote. Warning though: the comments, as one will predict, are horrendous.

Somehow, it is still hard to talk to men about sexism without meeting a wall of defensiveness that shades into outright hostility, even violence. Anger is an entirely appropriate response to learning that you’re implicated in a system that oppresses women – but the solution isn’t to direct that anger back at women. The solution isn’t to shut down debate by accusing us of “reverse sexism”, as if that will somehow balance out the problem and stop you feeling so uncomfortable.

Sexism should be uncomfortable. It is painful and enraging to be on the receiving end of misogynist attacks and it is also painful to watch them happen and to know that you’re implicated, even though you never chose to be. You’re supposed to react when you’re told that a group you are a member of is actively screwing over other human beings, in the same way that you’re supposed to react when a doctor hammers your knee to test your nerves. If it doesn’t move, something is horribly wrong.

— the great Laurie Penney, Of course all men don’t hate women. But all men must know they benefit from sexism, from


Oh, by the way — Cats against Cat Calling. Yep, it’s a thing. Whoop!!

(via The Ultimate Feminist Playlist)

For a variety of theme songs on the topic, has set us up a webpage. To check out the music, direct yourselves to the bright yellow box near the bottom of their page. Don’t forget to read about how to learn more about the bands and the music. This is the 6th compilation they’ve made and as always, the riot grrrl scene can not live on if no one talks about it. Share it with a friend ❤

— Compiled by Amelia, who, one day, will learn how to use her twitter account


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