The Internet Doesn’t Bully People. People Do.


If I hear the term “cyberbully” again within the next 24 hours, I might actually poop my pants.

Last week, two arrests were made in the Rethaeh Parsons case. As in the cases of many women whose stories have gone international over the past year, the term “cyberbullying” is not far behind. Canadian government is befuddled and fumbling about trying to address this problem, and if you’ve turned on CBC Radio One and managed to keep it on longer than an hour, you are sure to hear about “cyberbullying” at least once for each hour you listen.

How is it that there has been virtually no analysis about cyberbullying as a form of harassment?

Human beings are each equipped with a multitude of tools at our disposals — methods and objects we can chose to make use of in order to manipulate our environments and attain our desired outcomes. The Internet doesn’t bully anyone — it is its users who do that.

— amelia


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