What happened when you stepped outside the gender lines?


From the DNTO “What happened when you stepped outside the gender lines?” page:

Boys will be boys, girls will be girls… or not. There are a lot of perceived “traditional” gender lines… but what happened when you stepped across one of those lines?…How do you navigate the gender line in a co-ed bathroom? Well, only one way to find out… Sook-Yin Lee visits a University of Toronto co-ed washroom to chat with the folks there.

Nithin and Yuka fill Sook-Yin in on the finer points of co-ed bathrooms

When you think of heavy metal, it’s probably safe to say the word “feminine” doesn’t spring to mind. But when Natalie Zed attended her first metal show a few years ago, she knew that she and the headbanging crowd were a match made in heaven. She now makes her writing about heavy metal, and writes the column “Girls Don’t Like Metal.”

DNTO talks with her about being a woman in a male-dominated culture.

Ali Saeed is from Ethiopia, where it’s common for men to hold hands with each other. So what happened when he tried to do the same thing here in Canada?

Sook-Yin tells us how she’s blurred the gender lines as Mark… and Jongo. (Below: Sook-Yin as “Jongo” and “Mark.”)

Click the image to go the the DNTO page and listen to the full episode.

What to do when your little boy wants to be a princess for Hallowe’en?  Diane Flacks brings us some advice for parents trying to navigate gender questions with their kids.

Grant Lawrence got an education in a whole lot more that “chick lit” when he joined an all-women book club. He’ll tell us the shocking… and intimate… details…

Few people cross gender lines quite as literally as Ro Walker Mills has. Ro was born female – but a little over a year ago, he began the process of becoming a man. So how does it affect your relationships when you switch sides on the gender divide?

Jane Hall is a pioneer when it comes to transcending boundaries between men and women.
That’s because Jane was one of the very first female members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She joined the RCMP in 1977… when the female uniform featured a pillbox hat and a purse.

Author of The Red Wall: A Woman In the RCMP, Jane Hall, talks with DNTO “about how far women have – and haven’t – come in the force since then.”

Cover of the book The Red Wall: A Woman in the RCMP.

DNTO interviews Paul Anthony, who speaks of “how a cross-country, cross-dressing bus trip changed the way he viewed the world.”

Jezebel.com article regarding Kathy Witterick and David Stocker’s story of their child, Storm. Click the image to see the article at Jezebel.com

Last year, Kathy Witterick and David Stocker shared their story with the press. They decided to withhold the sex of their newborn baby, Storm, until he… or she… is old enough to express him or herself. That, coupled with having raised their two boys in a gender-exploratory environment caused an international uproar. They’ll talk with Sook-Yin about their decision… and the response it’s generated.

And DNTO will “take you all the way to the edge of the Alaska Highway for a lesson on how to tie a tie, from a teacher a group of Yukon guys didn’t expect…” …Ivan Coyote!!!

What happened when you stepped outside the gender lines? Click on the “Listen” button to hear the whole episode!

– amelia


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