SACHA Broadcast — Feminist Links & Hijinks No.4


Welcome one and all to another weekly roundup of well-grounded feminist spunk, junk, and rumbles from around the world wide web.  Here are some links to admire, engage, and reckon with. This week, our collection of links is specifically dedicated to the grossly abundant institutional racism made ever more obvious through the conclusion of the Trayvon Martin case.

  • Hoodies Up Via Feministing — its own round up of what’s gone down so far.
  • A response shared by which, really, could merit its own entire post and analysis, but we’ll let you do that on your own. In this response, a video has been made as the “Broward County Sheriff’s Office Prepares Zimmerman Verdict Riot Plan“. Although I encourage you to read the article, here’s just the video to spark your curiousity:
  • We also quite liked this: With Racial Roles Reversed, Three Self-Defense Cases That Went The Other Way It questions how a theoretically equal law can have such disparate outcomes depending on the identity of the defendant.
  • For those wanting some more in-depth inspiration sans-facepalm we recommend: Escalating Identity. To give a taste of what’s inside:

    “While 21st century anti-oppression politics in the US is an evolving, ad hoc patchwork of theories and practices, we argue for the necessity of identity-based organizing while criticizing how dominant forms of anti-oppression activism have been incapacitated by an unquestioned rhetoric of checking individual “privilege,” by a therapeutic idealization of “culture” and communal origins, and finally by the assumption that identity categories describe homogeneous “communities” of shared political beliefs. We argue that left unquestioned these practices minimize and misrepresent the severity and structural character of identity-based oppression in the US.”

  • And for the handful of humans who may find themselves in the position of needing a brief guffaw before getting down to business and smashing the white-supremacist patriarchy, here’s something from good-ol’ The Onion: Zimmerman Found Not Guilty, Technically, But C’mon

— Compiled by Amelia, and friendly guest, Richard


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