SACHA Broadcast — Feminist Links & Hijinks No.3


Welcome to another weekly roundup of well-rounded feminist funk, junk, and rumbles from around the world wild web.  Here are some links to inspire, enrage, and revitalize:

  • Inspire: “Where The Sexual Politics of Meat is dense and academic,Defiant Daughters is intimate and emotional. Together, the two provide a framework for how the oppression of females—both human and non-human—are intertwined. The anthology functions best if the reader is familiar with Adams’ seminal “feminist-vegetarian criticism” and is interested in the intersecting politics of food and feminism.” from  In New Book “Defiant Daughters,” 21 Women Write About Vegans, Meat, and Feminism (via BitchMedia)
  • Enrage: “‘I’m just so happy to be holding this trophy. It’s been my dream since i was six years old.'” French tennis star who won Wimbledon faces Twitter backlash from vile online trolls calling her ‘fat’ and ‘too ugly to win’
  • Enrage, but also Inspired (to make this terrible shizzit get gone!): “My teacher once sent me to the office because my middrift was slightly showing and it was a distraction to the boys in the class. Pissed, I pulled my shirt down and walked down the hallway to meet with the principal. Standing uncomfortably in front of the male principal, who was now looking up and down at me, told to put on a sweater from my locker. For the rest of the day, I covered my 15 year old body in school so the boys could focus on their schoolwork.” by Natasha Vianna (a fearless activist and young feminist, is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Boston, MA) in her essay Why I Tolerated Harrassment in High School (via Stop Street Harrassment)
  • Inspired by our first Round Up in which I posted a link to a Guardian article about PUAs (pick up artists), here is a wee follow-up, brought to our attention from friends at “…I’ve written a piece at Thought Catalog about how guys can talk to other human beings – which is what women are – without being a negging, sexist ass. My first piece of advice? Don’t listen to pickup artists. A few more pointers:

    Treat them the way you’d want to be treated. Sorry to go all Jesus on you, but pickup artists have left me no choice. They’re all about manipulating women into trusting you, and capitalizing on their various weaknesses (physical, emotional, social) to get them into bed. Something tells me you’d hate it if people tried to pull that shit on you….”

    Note: the link given at the end of the article doesn’t seem to work. To read  Chloe’s entire piece, 20 Ways To Pick Up Women, as originally posted to Thought Catalogue, please go here:

  • Revitalize: Did you see Feminst José Bautista? Cuz it’s hilarious and you might just looovee iiiiittttt 🙂 

— Compiled by Amelia


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