About the Bloggers


The Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton and Area (SACHA) is a feminist organization that believes everyone has a human right to live without violence.

As volunteers working together on the Take Back The Night (TBTN) Blog, we work to enrich and support that belief. SACHA embodies and reflects many kinds of feminisms. Each of our readers, like each of our regular or guest writers, are different from one another. As such, each of our views, styles, and analyses will be different, too.

Here is a bit about each of us!

Hamilton Womyn's Bike Collective event at Hamilton Farmer's Market, Spring 2012Amelia
Aside from a brief three month stint as a Guelphite in 2009, Amelia has lived, worked, organized, and grown up in Hamilton for the past eight years. She’s been a founding segment of the SACHA blog since its inception in 2011, and has also volunteered with SACHA’s TBTN and International Women’s Day events. Other local projects and groups with which she’s been involved have included the Hamilton Womyn’s Bike Collective, Hamilton CopWatch, Hamilton FlowCircus, Food Not Bombs Hamilton, OPIRG McMaster working groups, and MACGreen. She’s presented a wealth of workshops and composed materials for various endeavours, both as part of local working groups, and as an independent radical feminist.

Amelia dislikes having sad teeth; most features of capitalism; uncompassionate behaviours and unappreciated privilege; and celery. Amelia likes warm Springtime showers and the smell of muguets; critical thinking skills; fast bike rides; and practicing assorted secret artistic abilities.

Mandy's MugshotMandy
Mandy spent her first twenty-one years on a family farm in Haldimand County, but has since been living in this beautiful waterfall city since 2005, and has recently completed her Bachelor Degrees in Social Work and Sociology, from McMaster University! As she is now facing the realities of her daunting school debt, she works as a front line counselor at Interval House of Hamilton, which is an emergency shelter for women with and without children, escaping abuse. Mandy also recently took part in the “Hows the Weather?” campaign, which raised awareness about women’s homelessness in Hamilton, which continues to be a major problem. She is excited to be volunteering with the Take Back the Night committee, as she is passionate about working at both the micro and macro levels to end violence against women.

Likes: coffee (where would I be without you?!), kitties, kickboxing and feminist-folk!!!
Dislikes: centipedes (do they really need that many legs?!), FOX News (especially Bill O’Reilly) and of course, patriarchy and male privilege!!

Lisa's Mugshot

Lisa has lived in Hamilton for the past eight years. Before this she lived in Haldimand County, London and Guelph but none of these other places had her heart the way Hamilton does. Lisa has volunteered for Hamilton’s Take Back the Night Committee since 2006. This will be her first year as a contributor to the blog and she is excited about her new role.

Lisa enjoys feminist activism, laughter, snuggling with her pets, a warm cup of tea and a good book.  She dislikes cabbage, muggy weather and oppressive people and structures.

Jen's MugshotJen
Jen is an unabashed feminist killjoy who enjoys yelling loudly, dancing wildly, being a solid friend and stickin’ it to the patriarchy. Humour, with a sharp dose of indignation, is her favourite tool to wield in the struggle against oppression and injustice. She has occasionally been paid to sling drinks, sell stuff, cook foods, hang out with kids, help out profs, and support women-identified folks who have experienced violence. She is passionate about growing stuff, nighttime bike rides, stimulating conversation, and being weird.


Erin Crickett is a feminist who has been working in the  gender justice movement for over ten years and proudly works at SACHA as a Public Educator.  She is passionate about experiential education, buttons and photobooths. Crickett has worked as a community organizer, tall ship sailor, environmental educator, baker, temp worker, farm hand, crisis counsellor and facilitator with better results in some jobs than others…



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