What Folks Have Told Us About the New Flooring


At SACHA we’re busy raising money to replace old worn stained carpeting in our centre.

We were able to get enough money to put in new flooring in the waiting room, the hallway and three offices but we still have $15 000 worth of work to do.


The parts of our centre that have new flooring look clean, bright and amazing.

Here’s what folks using SACHA’s services have let us know…

“It’s BEAUTIFUL! It makes the place look so much bigger!”

“This is amazing, it looks so much brighter in here!”

“What a difference.”

“This is a lot better than that old carpet. Looks great!”

“Wow! New floors. Love it.”

“This floor makes this room look bigger and cleaner.”

“What did you do in here? It’s amazing!”

“What happened to you office? They should do the whole place. It’s a lot better like this.”

The break in the carpet

Are You In?
Help SACHA to have a more beautiful welcoming space for survivors of sexual violence by making a donation to help us get new flooring.

You can donate lots of different ways:

  • Online at Canada Helps
  • Calling SACHA during business hours and using your Visa or MasterCard – 905.525.4573
  • Mailing a cheque to SACHA
  • Stop by SACHA’s office to drop off a donation

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