SACHA Appreciates Its Volunteers


Volunteer Week 2013

This week it is Canada’s Volunteer Week.

The word seems to be getting around that SACHA is a great place to volunteer, but did you know that SACHA would not be able to do a lot of what it does, would not even exist, without volunteers?

Volunteers give over 10,000 hours to SACHA every year, including staffing the 24-support line and helping to train new volunteers, and running our big events – Take Back the Night, International Women’s Day and our fundraiser, Chocolate Fest. Volunteer committees perform many crucial tasks of governance, strategic planning, personnel, editing policies and more, and volunteers lend their wisdom, inspiration and skills to our staff.

As for our folks who use our service, here is what one woman said about SACHA volunteers: “I owe my life to the women on the [support] line. It is what has allowed me to hold on to hope.”

Thank you to our SACHA volunteers.  We truly appreciate your time, energy and passion.


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