Hammer City Roller Girls at the Launch of IT’S TIME… To End Violence Against Women On Campus


During International Women’s Week, SACHA and the YWCA were excited to launch a new program on McMaster’s campus – It’s Time… to end violence against women on campus.

Hammer City Roller Girls showed their support by coming to the launch in their full derby gear!

HCRG at Its Time Launch March 2013

Leah’s, HCRG’s Vice President, said some amazing stuff about the campaign and how HCRG supports women’s empowerment:

Hello and happy International Women’s Week. I’d like to start by thanking the YWCA and SACHA for inviting the Hammer City Roller Girls (HCRG) to participate in the launch of this incredibly important project.

The HCRG is an all female, not-for-profit, skater operated, flat track roller derby league based in Hamilton and founded in 2006. The league is committed to promote female athleticism and teamwork, with a mandate support initiatives that better the lives of women and children in our community.

To the average outsider, a roller derby girl is tough and can overcome any obstacle in her way, but we know that we’re just as vulnerable as any other female member of the community, and do our best to support each other as teammates.

When we’re playing a game, the jammer – our point scorer – is more likely to be the target of the opposing team.   As her teammates, we’re constantly looking to protect her, create a path for her, and give her a hand to whip her around faster on the track. On and off the track, we’re always looking out for each other.

We are proud of our city and love to contribute to it.

We know that when the women within a community succeed, the whole community can find success.

Obstacles to this success such as violence and oppression must be overcome and we know that the best way to stand up to it is to stand together.

The Hammer City Roller Girls will continue to lend support to the wider community at events like Take Back The Night and larger projects such as this one.
For more information about our league, it’s work within the community, our events and recruitment please visit hammercityrollergirls.ca

Thank you to HCRG for being such a strong supporter of SACHA and the work that we are doing!


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