November/December Women’s Press


As usual, there’s lots of good stuff in the most recent issue of the Immigrant Women’s Centre’s Women’s Press:

  • accessing health as a newcomer or refugee
  • dealing with grief
  • systems of care
  • the impact of Bill C-31 on Canada’s immigration system
  • resistance to refugee health cuts
  • can women succeed in the skilled trades?
  • sharing birthing stories
  • how does being a being a refugee affect your health?
  • film and book reviews

And McMaster University Social Work Student, Shahzi Bokhari, shares her experience of her first Take Back the Night:

TBTN reminds us as women that we are not just victims of our society, we are citizens who have the right and responsibility to make social change towards justice by standing in solidarity and supporting our fellow sisters. I did not expect that TBTN would be so thought-provoking or that it would impact me so profoundly.

There’s also a TBTN edition of ‘What Women Are Talking About’ that is totally worth checking out.  Amazing answers!  Thanks to all the TBTN participants who responded so thoughtfully!

‘What Women Are Talking About’ Women’s Press. Issue 18 — November/December 2012.

You can read the entire issue on the Women’s Press website or pick one up at SACHA’s office.


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