Let’s Get Loud!


School has just started again and if you’re looking to take a break from homework you could practice some TBTN chants!

Here are some English, French and Spanish chants to get you inspired for the night of the march.  Make sure to bring along a noisemaker and get ready to be loud so all of Hamilton can hear our message!


Women unite
Take Back The Night!

Women united
Will never be defeated!

Whatever we wear
Wherever we go
Yes means Yes
No means No!

There’s no excuse
For woman abuse!

A dress is not a yes!

Where ever we go
How ever we dress
No means no
And yes means yes!

Hey Hey, Ho Ho
Patriarchy has got to go

They say stay home
We say fight back!

Women together
Arm in arm
Breaking the silence
Safe from harm!

No more rape
No more violence
Only voices breaking silence!

Women’s bodies, women’s lives
We will not be terrorized!

One, two, three, four
We won’t take it anymore!
Five, six, seven, eight
No more violence! No more hate!

Claim our bodies, Claim our right,
Take a stand, take back the night!

What do we want? FREEDOM!
When do we want it?  NOW!


Mon corps, mon choix, mon droit!

L’agression sexuelle, c’est non
Ensemble réagissons!

La sécurité, la liberté
C’est notre droit
La nuit comme le jour!

Marchons ensemble
Dénonçons la violence
faite aux femmes!

Qu’est-ce que nous voulons? LA LIBERTE!

La rue, la nuit,
femmes sans peur!

Femmes, unissons-nous
Reprenons la rue
Reprenons la nuit!

Pas de tolérance
Non à la violence!

Non, c’est non
Peu importe ce que nous portons!

Brisons le silence
Dénonçons la violence!

Femmes unies
Femmes solidaires
Femmes fortes!

Unissons nos efforts,
Parlons haut et fort
Disons non à la violence!


Que quieren? IGUALDAD!
Cuando la quieren? AHORA!

Mujeres unidas
Jamas seran vencidas

Organizate y lucha!

Al frente, al frente
Las mujeres estan presentes!

No mas violaciones e incestos! NO MAS!
No mas abuso sexual! NO MAS!
No mas violencia domestica! NO MAS!

Sí se puede (x3)

Menos abuso
Mas igualdad!

No mas silencio
No mas violencia
Recuperemos las noches

Todos somos equals
Todos somos libres!


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