Why I March


When I got into the office on Tuesday morning after Labour Day I was excited  and touched to find this email.  Thank you so much for sharing your reasons for marching Laura.
— erin

I’ve never marched before. In all honesty I always mean to, but then it never makes it into my calendar. But I think it’s not just a matter of forgetting, that there’s some secret fears that somehow people will know how damaged I am, that I’m not a militant feminist, that my voice as a woman is underdeveloped. But today while hoping for candy and frisbees at the Labour Day parade, a Take Back The Night flyer was put into my hand.

So I have decided that I will march. The event is in multiple calendars. I will march because my ex-boyfriend mistook silent terror for “yes”. I will march because one night while overseas, a few hundred men thought that attacking and sexually assaulting the other female volunteer and myself was an acceptable way to pass the time. I will march because one of my best friends was raped and she still hasn’t been able to tell her parents. I will march because another friend had to try and heal from cancer while she tried to heal from being raped. I will march because a senior friend of mine found the courage to tell someone, as a girl, that she was being raped; but when the courts dismissed the charges her father called her a slut and kicked her out of the house. I will march because I’m tired of the space in my brain that is taken up by self defence strategies.

I’ll develop my voice by using my feet,


Want to let us know why you march?  Send us an email – erin@sacha.ca.


One thought on “Why I March

  1. Lori

    I will march….because my daughter, my baby, was victimised by her rapist, then the police, then the OIRPD! I will march along side her because she has risen above it and has become bigger and stronger than that experience! I will march for her and all of the heroic women who have lived to tell their stories…..and to be a voice for those who didn’t.

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