Why We Need to Take Back More Than The Night


Last spring a budget was announced that stirred media frenzy, especially amongst anti-poverty advocates.  There would be no increase in social assistance rates for 2013.  And while debates raged over this, a perverse set of cutbacks lurked on the back pages of the budget, initially unread.

Cuts were made to discretionary benefits such as cribs, eyeglasses and household medical supports like bath benches and grab bars.  Transitional Benefits which used to ease the way from social services to employment, have been discontinued.  Most sinister were the cuts to Community Start Up Benefits and changes to funding formulas for shelters.

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Stuff to Bring to TBTN


TBTN is tonight!

No matter what the weather is we will be at City Hall making some noise and creating change in our community.

All of the event details are here and information about the men’s event is here.

Things to bring:

  • warm clothes — TBTN happens no matter what the weather!
  • water bottle — we have access to water in City Hall
  • comfy shoes — the march is about an hour long


A Lot of Thank You’s


SACHA has a lot of people to thank for this year’s Take Back the Night.

There is not many words that can describe our TBTN committee volunteers.  Amazing and incredible are a couple but don’t come close to the true awesomeness of these women.  We start meeting and organizing in the spring and work all summer long.

Volunteers can be found asking local businesses for donations, coordinating volunteers, taking on promoting the event, marching at the Labour Day Parade, putting up posters around Hamilton, discussing poster and t-shirt design at a committee meeting, assembling buttons, cutting up handbills, inviting local organizations to table at the event.

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TBTN interview with Eileen


Eileen is a very active Hamiltonian with a penchant for social justice committee work. She is a volunteer with SACHA’s crisis/support line, and is also a member of TBTN’s organizing committee. Jen caught up with Eileen to ask her a few questions about her experiences with TBTN over the years.

J:  Last year, Hamilton celebrated its 30th anniversary of TBTN. As a long time Hamiltonian, what are some of your thoughts about how the event has grown and changed over the years?

E:  It was amazing to see how many women attended the event last year.  That is the growth that is the most important.  We need to reach out, touch and recruit as many women as possible to fight violence.

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Let’s Get Loud!


School has just started again and if you’re looking to take a break from homework you could practice some TBTN chants!

Here are some English, French and Spanish chants to get you inspired for the night of the march.  Make sure to bring along a noisemaker and get ready to be loud so all of Hamilton can hear our message!


Women unite
Take Back The Night!

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