New at TBTN – HAG!


I cannot tell you how excited I am that HAG – Hamilton Aerial Group – will be performing at this year’s TBTN in Hamilton!

Here’s some information from the group’s coordinator Lori:

HAG (Hamilton Aerial Group) is a group of aerialists and circus performers.  We perform on silks and trapeze as well as poi spinners, hula hoops and stilt walking.

Our acronym comes from the Irish myth of the hag goddess concerned with creation, harvest, the weather and sovereignty and The Cailleachan (The Storm Hags) who are seen as personifications of the elemental powers of nature.  They are said to be particularly active in raising the windstorms of spring.  We like the power and independence subscribed to the image of the HAG.  We are also a group of women (and men) with an age range of 14-48 years and the power we have over our bodies is not conditional of our age and because of this, the term HAG seems to fit us well.

Check out HAG’s Facebook page here.


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