Don’t Be That Guy Comes to Hamilton


Don’t be that guy — a campaign from Edmonton has come to Hamtilon!

Maybe you’ve seen these images widely posted online or visited the Edmonton campaign’s website –

This campaign encourages a couple of Extremely Important responses when it comes to partying it up and getting your bevvy on. First and foremost, it encourages male participants to Not Be That Guy — you know, the one who Only Talks to Drunk Women, the guy who Buys The Drinks For The Ladies all night; who Comes On Strong; and who is seen behaving coercively, pressuring or seem entitled (to certain women, for example).

In contrast, and by making a monstrously glaring example of That Guy, this campaign also encourages a different way for men to respond to women while drinking: with Respect for her needs; a Desire to Foster Safer Space for women; and An Ear for Consent — and the ability to honour the lackthereof.

Let’s encourage folks to Be That Guy.

Don’t Be That Guy is being brought to Hamilton by:

— amelia


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