Big Thank-You to our Wonderful Supporters


TBTN would not happen in Hamilton if it wasn’t for the excellent support of some totally amazing folks.

Thank you to Hamilton-Wentworth Elementary Teachers Federation and Public Service Alliance of Canada for providing the financial support that makes TBTN possible.

Thanks to the following businesses and organizations for helping us out with in-kind donations:

Carmen’s Banquet Centre
Cambridge Label
Bennett’s Apples & Cider
Boston Pizza
Domino’s Pizza (Main Street East)

Donut Diner
Fabricland (Upper James Street)
Facets Jewellery & Gifts
Food Not  Bombs
Fortinos (Upper James Street)
Hammer City Roller Girls
Hilltop Printing
Home Depot (Ancaster)
Inform Hamilton
Lyn’s Linstead Market
McMaster University Student Health Education Centre
Queen Cee’s BE-You-Tiful Girl’s Club
Rankin’s Bar and Grill
Sobey’s (Ancaster)
United Trophy
Water Depot
Weil’s of Westdale Bakery


One thought on “Big Thank-You to our Wonderful Supporters

  1. Susan

    There were a lot of women, community organizations, performers and volunteers that helped out on the planning committee and during the event. I’m disappointed and a little hurt to see that SACHA only acknowledges those who financially contributed (either monetary or in-kind). Some people couldn’t give to the event financially but gave in other ways. Sometimes these ways are more meaningful than the almighty dollar. I think their contributions should be counted too.

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