Analy’s TBTN Experience


Analy Flores participated in a Canada World Youth project which brought young women from Honduras to live in Hamilton.  Young women from all over Canada were partnered with other Honduran women and lived with Hamiltonian host families.  SACAH was fortunate enough to have Analy and Sarah volunteer with SACHA while they participated in the exchange.  SACHA’s office space was a lot emptier when Analy and Sarah left for the Honduras part of the project in October 2010.  We truly miss their amazing energy.  Here is Analy’s TBTN experience:

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As a young woman of the Cultural Exchange for young Honduran and Canadian women in 2010-2011 organized by ASONOG and Canada World Youth, with my counterpart and sister Sarah Paquin, we had the great and unique experience in our life “TAKE BACK THE NIGHT 2010”

I was Volunteer in SACHA for 3 months and participate in the planning of TBTN, after many workshops and continuous training by the amazing women in SACHA and intelligent women of the city of Hamilton well prepared to discuss these issues, I realized how important this event is eagerly awaited by the women of this city.

If you ask me which was one of the highlights of this cultural exchange, without a doubt I would say TBTN!

It was the first time in my life who participated in an event of this magnitude, to see so many women gathered in one place, with only one aim, to reclaim what belongs to them – the right to be free, to have an equitable society, demonstrating to all who are women with the ability to move forward and succeed in what we take in life.

I will never forget the faces of many women that night, happy women, full of courage, the fact to see the whole team of the women´s exchange participating in this event and enjoying it because for many of us had not even heard of this type activity and that this same force has.

I remember one of my favorite parts of the night was seeing all the women walking and singing unit, this part especially: “What do we want? FREEDOM. When do we want it? NOW ”

One of the things that struck me was how most organizations in the city of Hamilton and Area came together to support this event, and see that women voluntarily helped in planning this event, women, which was an honor to meet.

My heart kept jumping all night with so much emotion and happiness, I said to myself: Someday I’ll have the opportunity to see a TBTN in my country and I want to be part of it, because I know how important TBTN is to women.

Being a woman is the greatest privilege I’ve had in life, but working with and for women is even better.

Analy Flores
SACHA Volunteer, TBTN Committee Member and Canada World Youth Participant
Honduras C.A


Como una mujer joven parte del Intercambio Cultural de mujeres y para mujeres Honduras-Canada 2010-2011 ASONOG- CWY junto con mi contraparte y hermana Sarah Paquin, tuvimos la gran e inigualable experiencia en mi vida “TAKE BACK THE NIGHT”.

Trabaje como voluntaria en SACHA por 3 meses y participe en la planificación de TBTN; luego de muchos talleres y continua formación por parte de las asombrosas mujeres que trabajan en Sacha e inteligentes mujeres de la ciudad de Hamilton que se preparado muy bien para debatir estos temas, me di cuenta que tan importante es este evento muy esperado por las mujeres de esta ciudad.

Si tú me preguntas cual fue uno de los mejores momentos de este intercambio cultural, sin duda alguna te diría: TBTN.

Fue la primera vez en mi vida que participaba en un evento de esta magnitud, ver tantas mujeres reunidas en un solo lugar, con un solo fin, el reclamar lo que les pertenece, el derecho de ser libres, de tener una sociedad equitativa demostrando a todos que las mujeres tienen la capacidad de avanzar y tener éxito en todo lo que emprendan en la vida. Jamás podré olvidar la cara de muchas mujeres esa noche, mujeres felices, llenas de coraje; el hecho de ver a todo el grupo del intercambio de mujeres participando en este evento y disfrutándolo ya que para muchas de nosotras no habíamos incluso escuchad acerca de este tipo de actividad y de la fuerza que esta misma tiene. Recuerdo una de mis partes favoritas de esa noche fue el ver a todas la mujeres unidad caminando y cantando, esta parte en especial: “What do we want? FREEDOM. When do we want it? NOW”

Una de las cosas que me llamo la atención fue como la mayoría de organizaciones de la ciudad de Hamilton y Áreas se unieron para apoyar este evento, y como mujeres disponían su tiempo como voluntariamente para la planificación de este evento, mujeres las cuales fue un privilegio conocer.

Mi corazón no paraba de brincar toda esa noche de tanta emoción y felicidad, me decía a mí misma: Algún día tendré la oportunidad de ver un TBTN en mi país y me gustaría ser parte de esta, porque ahora sé lo importante que es TBTN a las mujeres.

Ser mujer es el mayor privilegio que he tenido en la vida, pero trabajar con mujeres y para mujeres es aún mucho mejor.

Analy Flores
Voluntaria de SACHA , miembro del Comité TBTN, Participante en el
Canadá Mundial de la Juventud
Honduras C.A


3 thoughts on “Analy’s TBTN Experience

  1. Analy Flores

    It´s was a pleasure!!! I Loved to work with so awsome women like your girls!! I really miss to be there most in TBN 2011. Enjoy it.

  2. Sarah

    Analy , I love you!! It’s amazing that you have written your inspiring experience at SACHA with all those extraordinary women we had the chance to work with and especially to learn SO MUCH from. I was also very lucky to be your counterpart and to be by your side through this wonderful life experience. I will never thank you enough for everything you taught me and thank all the SACHA women too.

    We’ve seen each other grow so much, i’ll never forget anything about it.

    ❤ Love always


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