Solidarity Event: Light Up the Night


Getcher bike lights out folks, we’ve got some shining to do!

If you ride a bike and have any reason to support SACHA Hamilton’s Take Back the Night, this event is for you!

One in three women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime.  This means that we all probably know someone who is a survivor of gender violence and oppression. If not, we at least know someone supporting a survivor of gender violence or oppression.

This Event is Open to Bike-Riders of All Genders! Come Support Your Sisters who March at Take Back the Night!!!

Meet the Womyn’s Bike Crew between 7:45 and 8:00pm, on Monday, September 12th, at the York Blvd. entrance to the Hamilton Public Library. Bring lights, glow sticks, reflectors, small flash lights, a sequin dress or disco balls — anything flashy!

Please also note, as with all WBC event, that we commit to creating spaces that promote equality for all and are free of oppression. We want everyone to be empowered!


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