TBTN T-Shirts!



TBTN T-Shirt 2011 Front

TBTN T-Shirt 2011 Back

Here is the 2011 TBTN t-shirt design!

Where can I buy one?
T-shirts will be available at TBTN near the SACHA table.

How much do they cost?
As in other years, we are selling the shirts are on a sliding scale from $15 to $20.  You make the choice about how much to give to SACHA depending on what you think you can afford.  To make each t-shirt costs us between $11 and $17 – depending on the size and style of the shirt.

We are hoping that some folks who can afford it will pay on the higher end of the scale to help subsidize the folks that are paying on the lower end of the scale.

What about free stuff?
We totally recognize that not everyone will be able to afford $15 for a t-shirt.  At the SACHA table we have TBTN buttons and patches for free.

How can I pay?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a fancy debit/credit machine, so if you are interested in buying a shirt please remember to bring some cash…

Thanks to Hilltop Printing for helping us out with the cost of t-shirts this year!


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