Laughter Yoga


Kathryn Kimmins of Laugh Yourself Healthy will be leading us in laughter yoga at TBTN.

From her website:

10 Good Reasons to Laugh for NO Reason!

  1. Laugher easily changes the way we feel.  It helps us to feel good, relax, be more self-confident and self-expressive.
  2. Laughter improves our interpersonal relationships. If we are laughing, we can’t be fighting.
  3. Laughter is a stress buster. It relieves physical, emotional and mental stress
  4. Laughter strengthens the immune system and helps maintain good health.
  5. Laughter is anti-aging. It increases blood supply to the face, making it glow. It helps us to feel and look younger. We look beautiful when we laugh.
  6. Laughter is an aerobic exercise equivalent to any other standard aerobic exercise.
  7. Laughter increases the levels of endorphins-the body’s natural pain killers
  8. Laughter helps control high blood pressure and improves respiration, circulation and digestion.
  9. Laughter makes us more imaginative and creative. It improves our sense of humour and sleep.
  10. Laughter helps dump depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders. Laughter shrinks the hurts of everyday life. It interrupts the power struggle and releases tension and anger.  This helps us to be more accepting and peaceful.

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