Big Thank-You to our Wonderful Supporters


TBTN would not happen in Hamilton if it wasn’t for the excellent support of some totally amazing folks.

Thank you to Hamilton-Wentworth Elementary Teachers Federation and Public Service Alliance of Canada for providing the financial support that makes TBTN possible.

Thanks to the following businesses and organizations for helping us out with in-kind donations:

Carmen’s Banquet Centre
Cambridge Label
Bennett’s Apples & Cider
Boston Pizza
Domino’s Pizza (Main Street East)

Donut Diner
Fabricland (Upper James Street)
Facets Jewellery & Gifts
Food Not  Bombs
Fortinos (Upper James Street)
Hammer City Roller Girls
Hilltop Printing
Home Depot (Ancaster)
Inform Hamilton
Lyn’s Linstead Market
McMaster University Student Health Education Centre
Queen Cee’s BE-You-Tiful Girl’s Club
Rankin’s Bar and Grill
Sobey’s (Ancaster)
United Trophy
Water Depot
Weil’s of Westdale Bakery


Analy’s TBTN Experience


Analy Flores participated in a Canada World Youth project which brought young women from Honduras to live in Hamilton.  Young women from all over Canada were partnered with other Honduran women and lived with Hamiltonian host families.  SACAH was fortunate enough to have Analy and Sarah volunteer with SACHA while they participated in the exchange.  SACHA’s office space was a lot emptier when Analy and Sarah left for the Honduras part of the project in October 2010.  We truly miss their amazing energy.  Here is Analy’s TBTN experience:

Español a seguir.

As a young woman of the Cultural Exchange for young Honduran and Canadian women in 2010-2011 organized by ASONOG and Canada World Youth, with my counterpart and sister Sarah Paquin, we had the great and unique experience in our life “TAKE BACK THE NIGHT 2010”

I was Volunteer in SACHA for 3 months and participate in the planning of TBTN, after many workshops and continuous training by the amazing women in SACHA and intelligent women of the city of Hamilton well prepared to discuss these issues, I realized how important this event is eagerly awaited by the women of this city.

If you ask me which was one of the highlights of this cultural exchange, without a doubt I would say TBTN! Continue reading

Weather Update


Looks like it is going to be cloudy and a bit chilly tomorrow night.  SACHA’s resident meterologist has let us know that folks are forcasting ten or eleven degrees for tomorrow night.

If it does rain please remember that TBTN goes ahead rain or shine!

Kojo’s Response to CHCH’s Square Off


Kojo Damptey is working hard to speak out and take a stand against the violence that women too often face in Hamilton.  Check out his song Broken Promises which supports the work of Interval House.  Kojo was watching CHCH on Monday when Lenore from SACHA was on Square Off.  Here is his response:

Take Back the Night has been a progressive force for women for 30 years. It exudes the struggles women have faced through out the years, struggles, which unfortunately continue to percolate, in our city and the world.

I was happy to see Lenore the director of SACHA speak about the event on Hamilton’s own CHCH program Square Off with Mark Hebscher, his female co host and a male news columnist from the Ottawa Citizen. The interview started with Lenore giving information about the night, once she was done the next question to be asked was ‘Why aren’t men allowed to march with the women?’.

I must say I was taken aback by the question. Lenore politely answered the gentlemen and told them if there were men that wanted to get involved with the festivities of the night they could attend the male allies event happening at The Sky Dragon. Both men were adamant to allow for men to join the March. While going back and forth with Lenore they managed to depict the misogynistic attitudes TBTN is trying to curb in our city. I must say while less overt in their attitudes, they refused to celebrate the achievements of TBTN, refused to ask questions pertaining to violence against women and most importantly how men can help STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. Continue reading

T-Shirts Are In!


We just picked up the TBTN t-shirts from the printer!

T-shirts are priced $15 to $20 sliding scale.  More information about t-shirt pricing here.

Thanks to our wonderful t-shirt models – Denise from the YWCA, Hardeep, Lenore, Sita and Maria del Carmen.

Thanks to Hilltop Printing for help with printing.

Listening to Le Tigre and Getting Pumped For Tomorrow


Thanks Le Tigre for being awesome.

I couldn’t find a video of the song Tres Bien but love these lyrics:

Because they will try to convince us that we have arrived,
That we are already there, that it has happened.
Because we need to live in the place where we are truly alive, present, safe, and accounted for.
Because we refuse to allow our writing, songs, art, activism
And political histories to be suppressed or stolen.
Because we refuse to be embarassed about the mistakes
And faults and choose to move forward
Wit a political agenda bent on freedom of all.

TBTN in The Spec


Please read Margaret Shkimba’s extremely moving piece about TBTN in Monday’s Spectator.

If it happens to you, or someone you love, if you’ve seen the bruises and wiped away the tears, then you know it happens and you’re not so quick to dismiss the whispers or the rumours. Or the outright accusations. It happens. Every day. Somewhere near you. Not to every woman; but even one is too many.