What Does Woman-Identified Mean?


We invite all woman-identified folks to come to Take Back the Night, but what does that mean?

Woman-identified refers to someone who identifies as a woman.  It recognizes that gender is a self-identification that does not necessarily match the sex of an individual; our physical appearance and our genitalia are not the only determinants of gender.  It also recognizes that there are many ways to experience and express the identity of ‘woman’.  It is intended to include trans women, cisgender women and others who identify themselves within the spectrum of the gender identity of woman.

It is a self-ascribed identity that may be fixed or it may be fluid.  This language is used to intentionally expand the traditional definition of woman to include many who have historically been excluded from women’s space and feminist struggles.

It is used by SACHA to acknowledge the diversity of the women’s community.

SACHA embraces all women’s participation at our events and as recipients of our services.


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