50 Ideas for Coping

  1. Call the SACHA’s twenty-four hour support line 905.525.4162.
  2. Breathe.
  3. Have an old-fashioned temper tantrum.  Lie on a bed and punch and kick the bed. 
  4. Watch a funny movie that helps you laugh.
  5. Watch a sad movie that helps you cry.
  6. Read a fluffy book.
  7. Sing.
  8. Go for a walk.
  9. Write a letter to the child that you were.  Tell her the things an adult should have told her when the abuse was happening.
  10. Colour with crayons.
  11. Dance.
  12. Meditate.
  13. Do something fun for the season.  Make snow angels.  Play in leaves.  Make a dandelion bouquet. 
  14. Scream.
  15. Bake chocolate chip cookies.
  16. Take a bubble bath.
  17. Snuggle with your pet.
  18. Cry.
  19. Slow down.
  20. Go to the library.
  21. Listen to music.
  22. Talk to someone you trust who supports you as a survivor.
  23. Write down all the successes on your healing journey so far.
  24. Journal.
  25. Play with children.
  26. Listen to a relaxation tape.
  27. Look through a coffee table book with pictures of a country that you would love to travel to one day.
  28. Wrap yourself in a soft warm blanket.
  29. Do something kind for yourself.  Even if it’s uncomfortable.  Especially if it’s uncomfortable.
  30. Go to a park and people watch.
  31. Make a craft.
  32. Hug a tree.
  33. Put post-it notes around your home with self-affirmations.
  34. Create a comfort box.  In the box, put things that give you comfort through each of your 5 senses.  Something you can smell, taste, see, hear and feel – like your favourite essential oil, chocolate, a picture of your pet, a CD of whale songs, a piece of velvet.  Experience the feeling of each item in your comfort box.
  35. Do a crossword puzzle.
  36. Rock in a rocking chair.
  37. Do yoga.
  38. If your abuser is dead, write an obituary that tells the truth about that person.
  39. Ask someone who treats you with respect and who you trust what they like about you.  Truly hear what they are telling you without rejecting it.
  40. Do some gardening.
  41. Read the comics.
  42. Go to the gym.
  43. Pop bubble wrap.
  44. Feed ducks by the water.
  45. Play with play-doh.
  46. Take a nap.
  47. Invite a neighbour over for coffee.
  48. Watch videos on You Tube.
  49. Hold a seashell to your ear and listen to the ocean.
  50. Light a candle and watch the flame flicker and sway.

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