Get Ready to Dance!


Rhythms Of Resistance Toronto have put together a women-identified crew to play at TBTN in Hamilton!

The movies were made during the Youth Exchange “StylesInConflict — towards PEACE”, which took place in Poznan, Poland in 2009.  Film by Sabine Conlin, Katrin Hentschel, Kamila Lenczewska.

Rhythms of Resistance Toronto is a political samba band that plays for environmental and social justice. We oppose all forms of oppression and use music to demonstrate our opposition and show solidarity with struggles for justice. We are a non-hierarchical collective that is queer positive, anti-colonial, feminist, anti-capitalist, against racism and ableism. We believe everyone is musical.  Using samba for social change and through our community norms we create the world we want to see.

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SACHA first met ROR at SlutWalk Toronto where they were bringing all sorts of rhythms to help folks take to the streets to speak out against victim blaming.

They have marched at the G20 protests.  They have marched with No One Is Illegal.  They have marched in the 2011 Womyn’s Day march.  They have marched to stop the tar sands.  We cannot wait for them to march with us at TBTN Hamilton 2011!

break the cycle/stop the silence/women in jail/is state violence


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