TBTN volunteer Karla is hard at work making buttons!

Buttons are available at the SACHA table at Take Back the Night.


Interview with Helen Manning


Helen Manning has been attending Take Back the Night (TBTN) in Hamilton since 1982.  Marching with her megaphone and children, she would lead chants as what she likes to call an Empowerment Officer in the march.

Erin: What was the feeling like at early TBTN’s.

Helen: It seemed to be more radical.  We didn’t necessarily listen to the police back then.  They would be trying to get us back off the street and on the sidewalk and we wouldn’t always do as they said.  We just wanted to make our voices heard.  It was more noisy back then.

E: What was your role at TBTN?

H: For a couple years, I was on the loudspeaker being an Empowerment Officer.   One year someone said to me ‘You’re too loud!’  I like being loud. Continue reading

New Issue of Women’s Press


The Immgrant Women’s Centre just published the new issue of Women’s Press!

Please check it out.  This issue’s focus is on housing and homelessnes for women.

There are also article’s about the history of TBTN in Hamilton and male participation in TBTN by Taylor.

You can pick Women’s Press up all over Hamilton for free.  If you would like to read it online click here.

Challenging the myth that “she was asking for it”: Rape Crisis Scotland’s Public Awareness Campaign


Check out this excellent PSA put out by Rape Crisis Scotland as part of their Not Ever Campaign, which points to the absolute ludicrousness of the claim that women are ever “asking to be raped” based on what they wear, how they act, where they go, or whether they’ve been partying. The message here is powerful: victim-blaming and slut-shaming are unequivocally wrong.There is no excuse for rape (or any sexual violence). Not Ever!

Cara over at The Curvature has some interesting stuff to say about the campaign.


Pre-TBTN Sign Making Party at YWCA

Come make signs to prepare for Hamilton’s thirtieth anniversary of Take Back the Night. Bring t-shirts or fabric for silk screening. Share snacks, ideas and conversation with awesome people. Sign making and silk screening supplies as well as snacks will be provided.
When: Wednesday, August 31st from 6-9pm
Where: Boardroom of YWCA – 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton ON
Who: This event is open to all genders. Everyone is invited!
Need some inspiration for your sign?  Check out OPIRG McMaster’s blog post about signs at SlutWalk Hamilton.

TBTN Posters


Want to show your support for TBTN?  Want to let folks know that TBTN is happening in Hamilton?


Thanks to staff at Immigrant Women’s Centre, Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara and SACHA for help with translation, editing and grammar.

More posters in other languages coming soon!

Click on the link below to download a copy.

Take Back the Night Poster 2011 – Arabic
Take Back the Night Poster 2011 – Croatian
Take Back the Night Poster 2011 – English
Take Back the Night Poster 2011 – Farsi
Take Back the Night Poster 2011 – French
Take Back the Night Poster 2011 – Kurdish
Take Back the Night Poster 2011 – Spanish
Take Back the Night Poster 2011 – Turkish