Teen Dating Violence in Hamilton


When surveyed on their experiences of dating violence…

  • 57% off males and 44% of males said their dating partner stopped them from seeing their friends or doing things they enjoyed.
  • 68% of females and 32% of males said their dating partner threatened to commit suicide if the relationship ended.
  • 72% of females and 28% of males said their dating partner put them down or called them names.
  • 56% of females and 44% of males said their dating partner blamed them when things went wrong.
  • 76% of females and 24% of males said their dating partner told jokes or made nasty remarks about their gender, religion or culture.
  • 62% of females and 39% of males said their dating partner pressured them to use alcohol or drugs.
  • 74% of females and 27% of males said their dating partner touched them when they didn’t want them to.

Statistics from Hamilton Youth Dating Violence Project, April 2005


Past TBTN T-Shirt Designs


Here’s a peek at TBTN t-shirt designs from years past.

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We’ve tried to credit folks’ artwork when we have known who created the art.  Do you know anyone who designed any of these t-shirts?  Please let us know…

Do you have any t-shirts that are not shown here?  Do you have photos of you or other people wearing TBTN shirts?  Please share them with us.  We would love to see them!

Thanks to Steve at Active Promotions for providing hard copies of all of the designs and to Maria for scanning them. If you’d like to comment on any of the t-shirt images, please continue reading to see the full gallery (click on the individual image to leave a comment). Continue reading

TBTN Hamilton interviews some its amazing volunteers!


Over the next few months I’ll be conducting short interviews with some of the amazing women who’ve been involved with Take Back the Night (TBTN) Hamilton over the years, in hopes of getting a multigenerational perspective on this historic event. My first interview is with Lisa who has been on the TBTN organizing committee for over five years. She is a PhD candidate in Women’s Studies at York University, a crisis/support line volunteer with SACHA, and an awesome feminist!

Jenn: Hey Lisa, I’m really happy to have you here. I wanted to know about when you first got involved with TBTN, and what motivated you, or was the driving force behind your decision to get involved with this event.

Lisa: Well…a couple of things. I knew that SACHA was a really great organization, I was looking to get involved with a feminist organization, and I had also spoken with Krista, one of SACHA’s public educators, and talked to her about a few ways to get involved…and she suggested–since at that time I couldn’t commit to the crisis line–she suggested me getting involved with the TBTN committee.

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Sexist Beer Ads Still Sexist


Did you get a chance to see the Old Milwaukee billboards around Hamilton?  If not don’t worry, they showed the same tired examples of sexism and misogyny.  Fifties style pin up girls lazing about beer cans beside text that declared “Free Girl With Every Can.”

Anita from Feminist Frequency made a great video about this phenomenon – Retro Sexism and Uber Ironic Advertising:

 “Advertisers must believe that the use of irony distances themselves from male chauvinism but that isn’t the case. While we think we are in on the joke, the reality is they aren’t making fun of or pointing out sexism, they’re doing it.”

Old Milwaukee knows what they are doing is sexist.  They pulled stuff like this in the past.  For example the Swedish Bikini Team ads of 1991.

The beer company dropped these ads after protests …keep reading

Why Do You March at Take Back the Night? AND When Was Your First Take Back the Night?


The sticky notes are answering the questions “Why do you march at Take Back the Night?” and “When was your first Take Back the Night?”

We recorded the video on Saturday at the Hammer City Roller Girls bout versus Roc City from Rochester, New York.

We had lots of great conversations with folks as usual, chatted with some some folks interested in volunteering, watched some ass kicking derby and talked about the upcoming thirtieth anniversary of Take Back the Night in Hamilton.

Thanks again to Hammer City Roller Girls for inviting us out.  They are HUGE supporters of SACHA!