Zine Making Grant!


Guest post by e.war, Coordinator of the Arrow Archive and Look Mum Distro.

The Arrow Archive has the goal to educate the communities around us about zine making and about zines general. We started the Black Indigenous Person of Colour (BIPOC) zine marking grant because we want to send the message that zinester BIPOC voices are important and invaluable to the zine making community. Also we want more folks to make zines, or try out making a zine for the first time.

We started with the question: Why don’t people make zines?

Our answers are these: They don’t know what they are, they don’t know how to make them, or they don’t have the time. We  also asked the question: Whose voices are rarely heard in zine making communities?

We know there are BIPOC zine makers out there! What a better way to connect with and encourage marginalized voices then for them to self publish their thoughts and ideas then making that sphere more accessible with funding.

grant web color

Now, it’s a teeny tiny amount of money ($100) but it could be enough to pay for an hour or two of work and a few photocopies.

If you identify as a Black or Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC) and have an idea for a zine you want to make on any topic you wish, tell us about it by Friday, April 3rd. A BIPOC zinester jury will select one successful applicant. Email your zine idea and details to: thearrowarchive@gmail.com

The Arrow Archive is a lending zine library housed in GRCGED (room UC107) on the University of Guelph Campus. Visit their blog: www.arrowarchive.blogspot.ca


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